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Monday, 8 July 2013

E-Cigs;update. Big Government,Big Pharma butting in.Well that didn't take long did it.

I'd heard murmurings about E-Cigs and the fact they are not licensed or regulated the same way other tobacco replacement products are, such as,patches,gun etc. Then I came across an article, reporting that the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency(MHRA),have declared E-Cigs to be medicines.

What this means, as you might expect, is that the cost to the consumer-you and I- will go up. Just when you think you've a good,safe,cheap alternative to real tobacco, someone has to come along, apply all kinds of nonsensical regulations on the product and producer,thus skewing the market, and making it even harder to give up.

Apparently,sales of E-Cigs have increased dramatically since 2010 and have now reached 1.3 million. And they work. Unlike those patches and what not, which cost a packet. Pharmaceutical companies make a fortune out of them and these E-Cigs must be giving them a run for their money. If people actually stop smoking through using E-Cigs they won't need to keep "trying one more time"with the expensive stuff. 

Oh,and surprise surprise,or maybe not,the MHRA gets some of its funding from some pharmaceutical companies. And another surprise,or not,some of the members of the MHRA who produced the report and pushed for the regulations have declared interests in certain pharmaceutical companies.

Does this sound like a stitch up? Read the whole article here from the Free Society Site

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