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There seems to be no area of our lives, whether public or private,that is not subject to the scrutiny of the 'Equality People' Yet, no one ever defines Equality. So, how will we know it when we see it? Is it definable? And are the principles of equality, however we define them, attainable?.Is the ever extending range of government regulation over our lives 'progress'Or,are we on the road to totalitarianism. Are we hindered or helped in our quest for rights and justice through membership of the E.U., U.N.,e.t.c. or, would a strengthening of our own Parliamentary Democracy serve us better. This Blog will comment on equality and related issues with the hope of making some small contribution to the debate. Feel free to post your opinions and share your thoughts and experiences. That way we can get a better idea of how we, the little people really feel about things. And,just maybe,we might even influence the debate!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Exploring the Orthodox Church

I haven't posted anything lately due to a number of issues keeping me busy and generally using up all my free time. I won't bore you with the mundane, but one of the things taking my attention has been my exploration into the Orthodox church and Orthodoxy generally. It's a fascinating subject, so I'm finding out. I'm seriously considering becoming Orthodox. Never thought this would happen but, there we are.

It is a long journey with lots to consider. I'm not sure where it will lead but the road is interesting, involving as it does a re-examination of my beliefs; And finding, to my surprise, they've been quite Orthodox all along.  I'm also reading up on Christian and Church history, particularly Byzantine and Eastern aspects, from angles we were never encouraged to look from before. I would guess the Roman Church would see the Orthodox Church as a rival, though a very misguided and rebellious one, while the Anglican Church behaves as though it doesn't exist, and has no idea of the major contribution it made to England becoming a Christian country.(though of course it does know these things)

I'm planning to visit an Orthodox Church in the near future. In the meantime, I'll continue with the reading, lots of contemplation, and enjoying the beautiful music only Orthodoxy can produce.